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RealTime StatMiner® – qPCR Data Analysis Software

  • Trust qPCR results
  • Save time in qPCR data analysis
  • Standardize qPCR analysis in your group
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With RealTime StatMiner v5.0 there are no limits for qPCR data analysis!

RealTime StatMiner® enables a fast, easy and reliable analysis of RT-qPCR data. It is widely used by pharmaceutical corporations, biotechnology companies, research centers and core facilities around the world for high throughput analysis of gene expression data.

It combines commonly used interactive visualizations with advanced statistics to offer rapid, reliable analysis, allowing researchers to organize their samples based on technical and biological replicates, as well as rapidly create publication ready reports. RealTime StatMiner is able to automatically detect outliers and filter low-expressed or undetermined detectors, alerting the user to problems within their data and logging all activities during analysis. It also offers the unique ability to compute DCt based multiple endogenous controls, automatically determining the most stable controls using algorithms such as GeNorm, NormFinder and Minimum Variance Median.

free dowload qPCR data analysis softwareSave time in qPCR data analysisSave time in the qPCR data analysis while controlling all the steps
Easy loading, easy reporting
  • No limits in size and complexity of qPCR datasets from any instrument
  • Tracking of all the steps and decisions made in the analysis
  • Intuitive and Interactive visualizations
  • Automatic generation of gene lists and reporting in various formats
  • Two modes of analysis: Click and Go® or step by step guided analysis
reliable analysis of qPCR dataNo matter the size and complexity of your dataset or the qPCR application, trust always your analysis results
Reliable analysis
  • Exhaustive QC and best endogenous control selection
  • Wide variety of peer-reviewed analysis tools
  • Interplate calibration for a reliable analysis of large datasets
  • Workflows compatible with all qPCR applications, including single-cell analysis
biological conclusions from your qPCR data analysisGo beyond the statistical analysis of your qPCR data and get meaningful biological insights
Biological conclusions
  • Interactive hierarchical clustering and PCA analysis
  • Identification of genes with significant differential expression
  • Classification of samples or genes by their expression patterns
  • Integration with biological pathway analysis

“I have been exclusively using Realtime Statminer from Integromics for my real time PCR data analysis for last several years. I have used it for both gene expression profiling as well as microRNA profiling. For both platforms, the software works very well. Specifically, it calculates the optimal endogenous control and does all the statistics including false discovery rate (FDR), etc. Best part is that you can do all that in just “one click”. This is really convenient. I have independently compared this software to manual data analysis and the data analysis was consistent and moreover, it saved me a lot of time. I was trained in the software by the very knowledgable and helpful Integromics Technical support people. All my questions and doubts were answered efficiently by the staff and they even offered me several individual webinars to go over my data analysis. I would recommend Realtime Statminer for all my friends and colleagues in the field.”

Dr. Dhananjay Kunte, Research Scientist, NorthShore University HealthSystem




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