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RealTime StatMiner® – qPCR Data Analysis Software





PerkinElmer® Informatics is delighted to announce the convergence of all our lines of bioinformatics products to the TIBCO® Spotfire® platform, the leading most advanced visual analytics environment in the world.


The best-in-class StatMiner software and workflows is now fully embedded in the OmicsOffice® Suite, powered by Spotfire, as OmicsOffice for qPCR.


The benefits for forward-looking scientist are multiple: the well-established automated workflows for preprocessing, normalization and interpretation of qPCR gene, miRNA or single-cell data of StatMiner are not anymore the end of the story. Thanks to OmicsOffice it is now possible to further explore the results of complex qPCR experiments, cross-validate or integrate these results with several Omics technologies like RNA-sequencing, microarrays or even quantitative proteomics.


PerkinElmer is committed to empower data scientists, and with OmicsOffice for qPCR, you will be part of this scientific revolution.


 For more information on the OMicsOffice Suite, please visit: Integromics Contact page


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