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Functional/Biological significance

The ultimate aim of a biological study is to understand the biological processes and mechanisms investigated. Frequently users end up with software packages that just provide them with lists of genes, but provide little or no help when trying to place these genes within the larger functional context. In order to obtain this information these gene lists need to be loaded and analysed in different tools which frequently is a cumbersome process.

Within our OmicsOffice® package we strive to give the most complete possible answer to the biological problem by providing tools that can easily help the user breach the gap between the list of genes that may be altered and the functions that may be affected. Our software allows the user to easily perform functional analyses on those groups gene of interest using a simple interface. This will allow the identification of functions and gene sets that are enriched in the genes of interest as well as the identification of pathways they may affect. Additionally our one click exportation to the IPA® online tools allows for more in depth study of those pathways of interest.



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