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Next Generation Sequencing Analysis

Our SeqSolve® software offers a suite of tools for RNAseq and ChIPseq analysis among which we can highlight:

Differential splicing:

With the recent boom in the high throughput technologies, the price of sequencing has plummeted, and now provides an affordable access to this technology to even moderate sized labs. One of the key questions this technology allows us to address is the problem of identifying differences in the splicing forms present in  different conditions. Even if a gene has a similar of identical expression level in two different conditions this does not guarantee that the splice formats that are contributing to this expression level are the same in both of these conditions. Up to now the microarray technology could only provide limited answers to these questions. However the analysis of the NGS data from RNA/seq is far from trivial and new methods are still being developed.

Our SeqSolve® NGS analysis software provides the user with the necessary tools to run differential expression analysis allowing for the quantification at the level of individual transcripts. The use of popular tools from peer reviewed journals and regular updates ensure the methods are kept up to date in such a fast moving field.

Novel Element discovery:

The recent application of the NGS technology to the sequencing of RNA 8RNA-Seq) has enabled the high throughput screening of the genome for expressed regions which allows for the identification of novel elements that are not present in the annotation. These regions can identify potentially novel genes or exons.

Our SeqSolve® package provides a ready to use workflow that identifies of these regions from a pre-aligned input file as well as identifying differential expression of these novel elements between different samples.

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NGS Analysis

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