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Differential Expression

One of the first things scientist search for when examining the results of an experiment is what distinguishes the different conditions compared. In the case of genomic studies this usually will start with the identification of differentially expressed genes and/or transcripts.
Our OmicsOffice® products allows the user to easily detect differentially expressed genes (and transcripts in the case of RNAseq) in their experiments. In all our OmicsOffice products (Integromics Biomarker Discovery®, RealTime Stat Miner® and SeqSolve®) we have implemented powerful tools for differential expression analysis of the appropriate data types in an easy to use manner. This allows the user to quickly select the most suitable test and apply it to the data with just a few simple clicks. The careful choice of default parameters allows for the least statistically minded researchers to still obtain reasonable results while the more adventurous can easily tweak the parameters of these tests to release their full power.



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