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The qPCR data statistical analysis

StatMiner - qPCR StatisticsData analysis represents one of the biggest bottlenecks in qPCR experiments and the statistical aspects of the analysis are sometimes considered confusing for the non-expert. In this document we present some of the usual methods used in qPCR data analysis and a practical example using Integromics’ RealTime StatMiner, the unique software analysis package specialized for qPCR experiments which is compatible with all Applied Biosystems Instruments. RealTime StatMiner  uses a simple, step-by-step analysis workflow guide that includes parametric, non-parametric and paired tests for relative quantification of gene expression, as well as 2-way ANOVA for two-factor differential expression analysis.

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Use of RealTime StatMiner® in cardiac gene expression studies

StatMiner - qPCR Cardiac Gene ExpressionReal-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) is a powerful tool for the researcher enabling the expression of genes in cells to be accurately determined. Our work is focused on the cardiac conduction system and as a group we use qPCR in two main ways. The first is to compare the gene expression for key ion channels, ion transporters, gap junction channels and components of extracellular matrix in the cardiac conduction system and working myocardium. The second is to look at changes in gene expression in different regions of the heart in various disease states including heart failure.

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