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Simple analysis. Ultimate results.

OmicsOffice for NGS (SeqSolve) is an advanced and user-friendly software solution for secondary and tertiary analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data.

Powered by OmicsOffice and by integrating state-of-the-art bioinformatics methods into one-click analysis workflows, SeqSolve is the only software able to provide scientists with such a combination of both cutting edge and intuitive user experience. Its Click And Go® technology enables the automatic processing of the data, which makes it simple to use for non-experts, along with a smart quality control system to prevent experimental biases. SeqSolve results are therefore consistent, biologically relevant and reliable.

Starting from mapped reads as an input, SeqSolve performs a large portfolio of RNA-seq or ChIP-seq analyses on any annotated genome, independently of the sequencing technology. SeqSolve integrates state-of-the-art tools that are widely used by the NGS community and described in the scientific literature, including SAMtools, Cufflinks, MACS and the IGV Genome Browser.

SeqSolve displays scientific visualizations with real-time interactive charts that can be exported into PowerPoint® or PDF reports with a simple click.

New: Now SeqSolve is part of the new OmicsOffice® suite and benefits from new functionalities that allows extending the guided workflows with a customized analysis, easier and more flexible PCA analysis, unified annotation management tool to centralized handling of public or proprietary annotations, workflow-independent functional enrichment analysis tools, intra and inter-technology data integration and comparison of data analysis tables and much more…

SeqSolve can be combined with OmicsOffice for qPCR and OmicsOffice for microarrays workflows to provide a complete solution for gene expression analysis, and can be fully integrated with Ingenuity Pathway Analysis® (IPA) to help identify relevant biological processes and pathways to provide greater biological relevance for results.

Get the best of your NGS data with SeqSolve!


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