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Integromics develops state-of-the-art bioinformatics software solutions for high throughput data management and data analysis in genomics, proteomics and drug discovery applications. Integromics helps life scientists overcome data analysis and interpretation challenges in academic, biotech and pharma industries. We are staffed with expert bioinformaticists and life scientists with a keen understanding of experimental designs and processes to assist researchers with interpretation of complex data sets.

Integromics customers are comprised of research groups from all over the world working in the fields of genomics and proteomics. Our customers can be found at major research institutions and leading biotech and pharma companies. Check our publications section to find a list of some institutions that have published a research article citing Integromics’ products.


We are using extensively  Seqsolve to perform transcriptomic analysis of different samples: from human, mice, C.elegans… This application from Integromics is a very powerful and easy-to-use tool to study data from next generation sequencing. The design of the application makes it very useful for a genomic facility. Its usability allows also non-bioinformaticiens to perform their own analysis likewise. One of the most important aspects of Integromics is the very helpful post-sale service. They are very helpful and fast at solving any doubt or question we get during our analysis. We recommend Seqsolve for any one that is analyzing gene expression by deep sequencing.”

Dr. Juan Cabello, Group Leader of Genomics Facility, CIBIR (La Rioja Centre for Biomedical Research)


I have been exclusively using Realtime Statminer from Integromics for my real time PCR data analysis for last several years. I have used it for both gene expression profiling as well as microRNA profiling. For both platforms, the software works very well. Specifically, it calculates the optimal endogenous control and does all the statistics including false discovery rate (FDR), etc. Best part is that you can do all that in just “one click”. This is really convenient. I have independently compared this software to manual data analysis and the data analysis was consistent and moreover, it saved me a lot of time. I was trained in the software by the very knowledgable and helpful Integromics Technical support people. All my questions and doubts were answered efficiently by the staff and they even offered me several individual webinars to go over my data analysis. I would recommend Realtime Statminer for all my friends and colleagues in the field.”

Dr. Dhananjay Kunte, Research Scientist, NorthShore University HealthSystem


“StatMiner gives us confidence in our qPCR results, to enable faster publications”.

Dr. Lorna Harries, Peninsula Medical School.


“StatMiner has played an essential role in the growth of our business- the software allows us to rapidly analyze high-throughput qPCR data and return results to our study sponsors in a timely fashion. As a service provider, this is extremely important. The software is flexible, has an intuitive interface and allows for detailed interrogation of data. In addition, the technical support team is always available and does an unprecedented job at answering our questions and getting us back up and running as quickly as possible. We highly recommend StatMiner!”

Libby Lehigh, Senior Laboratory Technician, Genemarkers LLC.


“My group conducts a large number of gene expression analyses and, before using RealTime StatMiner, one of the key challenges we were facing was standardizing analysis of the functional gene expression data that we generate. We also use TIBCO Spotfire®, and having RealTime StatMiner fully integrated into the Spotfire workflow is a huge advantage, allowing it to form part of the genomics decision site. The software’s unique visualizations also make it very easy to pick out results of interest, making analysis of large data sets much faster.”

Eric Gustafson, Head of Genomics at Kenilworth, Schering-Plough’s Genomics Group Kenilworth site in New Jersey.


“Alongside our qPCR work, we also perform a lot of microarray experiments, and are planning on switching to Integromics Biomarker Discovery™ (IBD) for this application”, Eric continued. “This will allow us to achieve the same approach to microarray data analysis as we have been able to adopt with qPCR using RealTime StatMiner, offering a unified platform to look at gene expression.”

Eric Gustafson, Head of Genomics at Kenilworth, Schering-Plough’s Genomics Group Kenilworth site in New Jersey.


“RealTime StatMiner is quick to use, and the workflows were exactly what we were looking for. The QC tools are really good; we can choose how we display the information and the visualizations are something that you don’t routinely see on other available software. Importantly, it allows us to identify trends in the data and we often spot things that we maybe wouldn’t have spotted if we were just looking at a list of numbers. Overall, RealTime StatMiner offers options for qRT-PCR that other software just does not have, and the technical support is fantastic.”

Ross Haggart, Scientific officer within the Genomics group, The Translational Medicine Research Collaboration (TMRC) Dundee University.

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