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‘Omics Solutions

OmicsOffice® – The Omics Intelligence Suite
One solution for all your needs

OmicsOffice is a cross-technologies consistent environment that allows the user to rely on the same application for the analysis and integration of data coming from different genomics technologies …


Real Results. Real Difference
RealTime StatMiner®

Dedicated solution for the analysis of qPCR data
Incorporates a Step-by-Step qPCR data analysis option, enabling scientists to control each step of their analysis

OmicsOffice® for qPCR Data Analysis

Guided Workflow of the OmicsOffice Suite that combines advanced statistics with interactive and powerful visual analytics
Offers seamless integration with data from different genomics platforms and workflows for cross-validation & enhanced discovery

OmicsOffice® for Microarray Data Analysis
Integromics Biomarker Discovery®
Simple steps. More answers

Integromics Biomarker Discovery® (IBD) is an easy-to-use bioinformatics application focused on preprocessing, normalization and interpretation of raw microarray gene expression data…


OmicsOffice for NGS Data Anlaysis
SeqSolve® -
Simple analysis. Ultimate results

SeqSolve® is an advanced and user-friendly software solution for the tertiary analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data…

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